Alright, looking at the markets, it’s tough to get too excited about much right now. The Add-on stimulus should pass this month giving the markets a bump. Covid should continue to relent, giving the markets stability and if this were any other year, I’d say sell in May and go away. But since a lot of people may not have the ability to sell and obtain long-term gain status, I’ll just throw some speculative stuff out there. Remember to always keep an emergency fund, but I think inflation has to set in at some point. Gold would be the go-go play in the past but unfortunately, until BTC goes away, gold’s gains look capped…

  1. TYM – If you can’t benefit off a foreseeable increase in inflation off a direct investments in gold, it’s best to attack the dollar directly. How? Through government debt. The theory is that if yields keep rising the actual value of our debt declines. This ETF is set to track the inverse of 20 year bond funds 3x.
  2. TYO – The value play to TYM
  3. VSAT
  4. DAL
  5. UAL

Any other outdoor/vacation plays should be worth watching as well.