Wow, who would have known a bad flu multiplied by negative media press would cause such damage to the economy and markets. Like Warren Buffet, I guess I’ve seen it all. Due to these circumstances, I am changing my investment strategy. Save all your cash, wait for a panic and short-sell the panic. Way more easier to make money by letting sucker’s pump the market then waiting for a panic and shorting the market down. That being said, there are some values out there, but I wouldn’t expect any immediate returns as this whole mess gets sorted out. If it extends to the banks, watch out. Personally, I wouldn’t touch anything right now, bull or bear until mid-August to mid-October. Market’s too caught up with the press headlines. One day, the cased have subsided, one day unemployment is going to 20%, one day a new coronavirus has been discovered. Just stay away from buying anything right now…

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