As we await the signing of Phase I of the Tariff relief bill in the next week or so, the market slowly continues its year-end melt-up. As stock’s hang near all-time highs, 2019 was a great year for value investors like myself. Looking at next year, I’d expect only modest growth in high performing or highly innovative stocks combined with muted growth from financials and other industrials/cyclicals. Onto the Top 5…

  1. AMZN
  2. MA
  3. AAPL
  4. CI
  5. BA

High Risk, High Reward – Really like Oil here at these levels for some reason – any of the leveraged ETF’s should pay off down the road if you have a longer time horizon – GUSH, USOU, OILU

Last year’s news (time to cash out, if you’re still in) – Any CBD stocks – GWPH, CVSI

If the value/timing is right (wait for a pullback) – TSLA (closer to 300), GOOG (closer to 1150), CMG (closer to 750), HD (closer to 200)

Have a great remaining holidays and I’ll see you next year.