So May came and went and after an early small selloff, the markets have recovered and are now close again to their all time highs. Something just seems odd about this slow drift up. It feels like a slight celebration of the final stages of the pandemic. But there are lots of variables in play right now (Inflation, Employment, Supply Chain Disruptions, potential add-on stimuli packages, and the pandemic moving into Japan and other countries). It’s enough for me to continue being cautious right now. One thing I do know, if you do want to borrow money, now’s the time to do it. It will never be cheaper and if you’re home has equity (very likely considering how home prices have increased in the last year or so), now’s a good time to consider a refinance. Probably the last time. Anyways, for this month, I again recommend preserving capital and waiting to see if there’s a better buying opportunity in the next few months. But if the markets keep lifting every day (remember what goes up must eventually come down), it may be a good time to start dollar cost averaging and buying dips. Until I have a better sense of where this market is heading right now I’d recommend just dabbling in the following to fill out your portfolio for right now:

  1. TPOR
  2. DUSL
  3. UBOT
  4. HLI
  5. Any inflation/market hedges – Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Oil

Stay away – Crypto, COIN, etc.

Hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day weekend and we’re only a month away from the 4th of July. Happy summer everyone.