All old lives matter. Wow, I’ve never before seen such overreaction to SARS v2.0. Lots of people got it. Few of them died (sorry if this strikes anyone as offensive and has actually lost someone due to the CV), but I don’t know of anyone who has gotten it or known of anyone who has gotten it. Either that or San Diego’s the place to be when a pandemic strikes out. Anyways, nothing changes for May 2020, best to wait for the deaths to stop, society to reopen and the election results become more clear. My money’s on Trump if I had to pick right now but I’m not going political and I’m not sure it even matters anyways.

The one thing this does expose is people’s power to save and hold enough cash to ride this out. Never bet the farm on anything. All you need if you’re single or mostly single is like a $30k emergency fund. Stick it in a savings account and don’t ever touch it until an event like this occurs again. Makes it way easier and you much more relaxed to do some things you can’t if you’re paycheck to paycheck.

I also like investing in real estate here, if you’ve saved the cash for a down payment. As the threat of death looms over people’s mind’s, 401K’s will lose some luster (who knows if you’ll make it to 65 – even then every dollar gets taxed of your gains once you start pulling money or right now if you do a Roth IRA). For real estate, the first $250k is tax-free…

So here it is, another boring top-5:

  1. Cash
  2. Cash
  3. Cash
  4. Cash
  5. Cash

Sorry, there’s some upside in bank stocks but too many downside risks right now to invest in anything.