Alright, after watching the Dow momentarily cross 30K in November and with the potential blue wave hitting America, just like the Pandemic of 1918…history looks to be repeating itself again. For those like myself who never experienced it, the roaring 20’s was seen as a time period of great expansion followed of course by the Great Depression. With China set to emerge as the New World Leader of a more Globally linked economy, all signs point to a longer lasting bull market in the future. Potential downsides are the dwindling Trump factor (i.e. what Trump does in the last 1.5 months of office), Georgia turning red and blocking the stimulus, the length of shutdowns (currently in blue states which may transition to red states if Biden actually gets inaugurated) and a potential nationwide shutdown through the flu season. Any pullback looks like a buying opportunity and so it makes December’s 2020 Top Stock Picks pretty easy…(this is just an extensive list or my personal favorite value plays right now in no particular order). Do your own research first…

Cash ($20-40K) – Keep collecting $10 Hamiltons

Real Estate – Commercial or Residential – Rent it out and receive a subscription payment each month like banks collecting interest. Make money on the paydown of principal and enjoy the interest expense write-offs for taxes.


  1. QS
  2. GTBIF
  3. XPEV
  4. EQX
  5. KGC
  6. CAHPF
  7. MMX
  8. SAND
  9. EDVMF
  10. NCMGY
  11. OCANF
  12. NESRF
  13. ORRLF
  14. RGR
  15. VSTO
  16. SWBI
  17. POWW
  18. NIO
  19. LI
  20. RTX
  21. VSAT
  22. DAL
  23. UAL
  24. OGI
  25. TCNNF
  26. IIPR
  27. GRWG
  28. VFF
  29. OLN


  1. JNUG
  2. NUGT
  3. NAIL
  4. TQQQ
  5. WEBL
  6. UPRO
  7. UDOW
  8. URTY
  9. GDXJ
  10. EDC
  11. EZJ OR EWJ
  12. YINN
  13. EURL
  14. DFEN
  15. CURE
  16. GDX
  17. UGL
  18. GLTR
  19. LABU
  20. DRN

If you have the money and risk appetite – FNGU, TECL, PALL and SOXL

Most importantly, stay safe throughout the holidays. Lots of crazy news, especially here in California. Lots of shootings lately, so I’d expect a crackdown on guns post Biden-inauguration. (Hint: Now’s a good time to buy an assault rifle if you can get the ammo as well, as I’ve been hearing rumors that’s what Biden’s targeting if he is inaugurated). Have a happy holidays everyone. Say goodbye to 2020 and I’ll see you next year.