Alright, after a somewhat bumpy October we now head to the polls in what has been a green week so far. Depending on tonight’s outcome we could be set for the passing of the stimulus (which has to happen) soon or a contested bumpy November/December. Either way the stimulus has to happen which means gold/precious metals are the safe play right now. Why does the stimulus have to happen? Because we have an aging population and future growth will have to come from other countries (former BRIC countries) as well as countries such as Germany and Japan…Any emerging developed country. But because our dollar’s so strong, we can’t compete with the China’s of the world…why buy a $1,500 IPhone when you can get the Chinese knockoff for $500? Why buy a Nike jersey for $100 when you can get a Chinese knockoff for $30? So the US has to deflate the dollar in order to be able to compete in other countries. With the trade deficit at it’s widest it’s ever been our second stimulus has to happen. Which makes products in the home country more expensive but cheaper for other countries. Expect other countries to follow suit and a potential currency war may break out. If the stimulus somehow does not happen, unemployment will run high, the stock market will pullback and there will be a rush to a safe haven. With every country trying now to develop a digital currency, I would leave BTC alone and again, gold and precious metals become the safe play. So I started this theory last month and laid the groundwork. This month I’ll expand on what my portfolio looks like…

Cash ($30-$60K) Especially $10 Hamilton’s, seem to be rare these days

Real Estate – Both Residential and Commercial


Equities are starting to get real expensive lately, already a signal for early inflation. So here are my top value growth picks for this month…(hint – heavy gold and precious metals, guns, outdoor supplies, a blue wave marijuana stock play, my favorite airlines which may consolidate and an EV competitor from China)

  1. KGC
  2. EQX
  3. RSR
  4. VSTO
  5. RTX
  6. VSAT
  7. DAL
  8. UAL
  9. TCNNF
  10. GRWG
  11. IIPR
  12. OGI
  13. NIO
  14. OLN
  15. CAHPF
  16. GOLD
  17. EDVMF
  18. NESRF
  19. NCMGY
  20. SCEXF
  21. OCANF
  22. MMX

ETF’s (for those who want higher risk/reward)

  1. JNUG
  2. NUGT
  3. NAIL
  4. TQQQ
  5. WEBL
  6. UPRO
  7. UDOW
  8. URTY
  9. GDXJ
  10. GDX
  11. UGL
  12. EDC
  13. EZJ
  14. YINN
  15. EURL
  16. DFEN
  17. CURE
  18. GLTR
  19. DRN

Again, I’d stay away from financials and oil right now. Good luck and be safe if you vote tonight.