Alright, I’m going to do October’s Top Stock Picks a little earlier this time because I foresee Congress passing some form of stimulus soon. After September’s sell-off and economic slowdown, something massive may hit the markets and if it does, I’d like to give any readers time to place their bets. I think 1850 is the new bottom for gold so you’ll see a lot of Gold and Silver plays here…


  1. KGC
  2. EQX
  3. RTX
  4. VSAT


  1. GLTR
  2. NUGT
  3. JNUG
  4. UGL
  5. GDX
  6. GDXJ
  7. WEBL
  8. NAIL
  9. TQQQ
  10. UPRO
  11. DFEN
  12. EDC

I’m pretty long on anything besides financials and oil right now.

Worth Watching – JPNL and EURL, but I’d rather wait to see how this stimulus plays out with other central banks before committing to either.

High Risk/High Reward – China, could be a cold war brewing and manufacturing moving out of China to other regions once the pandemic is over, but they’re showing economic growth right now so consider

As always, don’t bet the farm. Keep a minimum of at least $30K in cash and I still like Real Estate here a lot too.

Good luck everyone as it could be somewhat of a bumpy ride through the elections but the general trend is up right now…